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What does Fish Forever do?

We promote and support marine protection initiatives within, near and beyond New Zealand's Bay of Islands.
We meet the last Thursday of every month in Paihia and welcome new members.
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Learn about customary management areas within the Bay.
In the Te Puna mataitai, no commercial fishing is allowed and hapu can set local rules for recreational fishermen.


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Kaitiakitanga - customary management in the Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands has a mātaitai reserve, a taiāpure area and a rahui, or temporary closure under section 186a of the Fisheries act.

Te Puna Mātaitai

No commercial fishing

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Covers 20 km2 bordering the Purerua Peninsula, Black Rocks and Moturoa Island. No commercial fishing is allowed, the rohe moana committee setting rules that apply to all fishers.

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Maunganui Bay Rahui

No fishing except gathering kina

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The rahui has been in place since 2010. The area is closed to all types of fishing, except gathering of kina, under Section 186A of the Fisheries Act.

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Waikare Taiāpure

No regulations made yet

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The Waikare Taiāpure has been in place since 1997.  A committee nominated by the local Maori community advises the Minister of Fisheries on regulations to make under s.175 of the Fisheries Act to control all types of fishing within the local area. No regulations have yet been established.


Two Rohe Moana areas

BOI areasTwo gazetted Rohe Moana areas in the Bay of IslandsA Rohe Moana area is where Kaitiaki are appointed for the management of customary food gathering.

The Bay of Islands has two Rohe Moana areas. They divide the Bay approximately in two and extend out to the edge of the 200 nm Exclusive Economic Zone.

One has been established by Ngā Hapū o Taiamai ki Te Marangai in the west, the other by Patukeha and Ngati Kuta hapū of Te Rawhiti in the east.


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