Commercial fishing regulations in the Bay of Islands

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For many years there has been a variety of restrictions on commercial fishing in the Bay of Islands. The maps below indicate the main areas and seasons closed to commercial fishing.

All boundaries drawn are indicative only - please refer government legislation for exact details.[/badge]
To find legislation governing commercial fishing visit:

Download DoC's area based restrictions brochure here (see pgs 38-43)

Te Puna mātaitai

NO commercial fishing in the Te Puna mātaitai since 2013.



No commercial fishing for scallops since 2004.


Trawl and Danish Seine

NO commercial bottom trawling, bottom pair trawling and Danish seining in the Bay of Islands since 2004.


Purse Seine

NO purse seining in the inner Bay of Islands since 2004, and in the Te Puna Mataitai since 2013.


Summer closure

NO commercial fishing (except Rock Lobster) in the inner Bay of Islands (GREEN) from 1 October to 30 April, since 2004.



Set Nets

NO commercial set netting in the RED CIRCLES since 2004.

NO commercial set netting in Te Puna Mataitai (RED) since 2013.

In the GREEN area commercial set netting has been banned 1 October till 30 April since 2004. Commercial set nets less than 1 km long can be used 1 May to 30 September.

In the BLUE area commercial set nets longer than 1 km have been banned since 2004.

set nets



Miscellaneous Methods

NO commercial use of Box Nets, Teichi Nets, Dutch Seine or Lampara Nets, since 2004.

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