Why we need no-take zones by Roger Grace

kina-barrenKnow what a kina barren is? Want to have Fish Forever? This two part presentation is a great place to start. Thanks to Dr Roger Grace, marine biologist extraordinaire.

An uncontrolled experiment

catherine-jochen-mobyThis 10-minute documentary by Ezra Simons features Fish Forever team members Jochen Zaeschmar and Catherine Langford, and life-long residents of the Bay, Peter Clarke and Myra Larcombe. The subject, predictably enough, is overfishing and what we need to do to rectify the balance.

Underwater astonishments

octopuschangecolorA short bewitching video showing you how underwater creatures use light, patterns and texture to camouflage their real intent.

One Fish, Two Fish: Monitoring Marine Protected Areas

tuna-boatReal time monitoring of marine protected areas off the coast of California. This is an unusual crew, a blend of rough handed fishermen and conservation biologists working together. The object is to get a baseline of what is currently living in the MPAs and surrounding areas. In a couple years, and moving forward, scientists can return and survey the same areas to see how, or if, the MPAs are working.

10 years - Experiencing Marine Reserves

emrA celebration of the Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) programme over the last 10 years, showcasing its growth, development and achievements. Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) provides quality first-hand marine education experiences and initiatives to schools and communities throughout New Zealand.


Like more fish? Us too.

vid-chrisCheck out this charming short movie Like More Fish? narrated by Chris Richmond with Vicky Froude as diver exploring the rich diversity of marine life at Kapiti Marine Reserve. 

Saving the ocean one island at a time

greg-stoneAboard Mission Blue, scientist Greg Stone tells the story of how he helped the Republic of Kiribati create an enormous protected area in the middle of the Pacific -- protecting fish, sealife and the island nation itself.

Brian Skerry reveals ocean’s glory — and horror

brian-skerryPhotographer Brian Skerry shoots life above and below the waves -- as he puts it, both the horror and the magic of the ocean. Sharing amazing, intimate shots of undersea creatures, he shows how powerful images can help make change.

Join Fish Forever

nudi spongeAll of us with an interest and love of Tangaroa, let's work together and take on the challenge of marine protection for the Bay.

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