Caulerpa - Bay of Islands areas closed to anchoring and fishing

Te Rāwhiti Inlet Controlled Area Notice (CAN) and rāhui

It is illegal to fish or anchor a vessel in a defined area (refer to the map) of Te Rāwhiti Inlet.

The area under controls is bounded by Whau Point, the south-eastern tip of Te Ao Island, the eastern shoreline of Poroporo Island and the northern tip of Tokatokahau Point up to the high-tide area.

Under the CAN, it is illegal to remove any marine life (including fish, shellfish, koura (crayfish) or seaweed from the zone. This means any form of fishing is banned. This includes spearfishing, crayfishing, kina and other shellfish gathering, net fishing and drift fishing from any kind of vessel.

It is also illegal to take vessels or dive gear (for example, wetsuits, fins, tanks) into the controlled area for fishing.

No anchoring is allowed in the controlled area other than for a very few permitted activities such as for scientific research or where residents are reliant on a vessel for regular transport. For those activities, you'll need to get a permit from MPI. Anchoring in an emergency (for example, to shelter from weather) is allowed without a permit.


Download the detailed caulerpa Controlled Area Notice map: Te Rāwhiti


57262 CAN BOI All Parekura Bay v2


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