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Learn about customary management areas within the Bay. In the Te Puna mātaitai no commercial fishing is allowed, and no taking of mussels.

Te Puna mātaitai

te puna mataitai 2Ngā Hapū o Taiamai ki Te Marangai have established the 20 sq km Te Puna mātaitai within their rohe moana area in the western Bay of Islands (area chart below).

  • Tangata whenua are authorised by the Minister of Fisheries under s.23 of the Kaimoana Customary Fishing Regulations 1998 to manage and control the non-commercial harvest of seafood through a local committee.
  • Mātaitai reserves are permanent, though the bylaws can change over time.
  • No commercial fishing is allowed within the area (unless recommended by the committee)
  • The kaitiaki can set bylaws to manage the fishing in the area.
  • Both Maori and non-Maori may fish in mātaitai reserves.

Download the Te Puna mātaitai boundaries boundaries here 

Mātaitai reserves are created in areas of traditional importance to Maori for customary food gathering.


rahui boundaries

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