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Brett Sutton

Brett Sutton 2017

Brett is a biologist and commercial diver with the Fish Forever team. Brett grew up in Kerikeri and become inspired about marine reserves after being taken to Goat Island by his Dad when he was about 7 years old "I just couldn't believe there were snapper swimming in front of my mask, it's not something I'd ever seen before". After a stint in the army he became a professional diver in tourism and construction and got a BSc in marine science. His work has included environmental monitoring of the Rena, consulting to the Oil and Gas sector regarding minimising impacts of construction operations on turtles, dugongs and humpback whales, the Fiordland Undaria programme, and working on the marine biosecurity programme for the Northland Regional Council.

He would love to see a reserve in the Bay so people could have the opportunity to see just how diverse and abundant our local marine life should be and believes that just as there is a right to fish, there also should be a right for snorkelers, divers, photographers, scientists and anyone to observe ecosystems unaffected by fishing. Whenever he has the chance he helps out with the Experiencing Marine Reserves programme to give kids just that opportunity.


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