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Profile: Derry Godbert

Sept 2015: Derry has been heavily involved in local marine ecology during the course of…

Baited Underwater Video Monitoring

May 2015: Fish Forever’s baited underwater video project around Urupukapuka, Okahu and…

Arianna Hemi

Arianna Hemi
In June 2015 we caught up with Arianna Hemi, who is assisting Vince Kerr with the Baited…

Profile: Dean Wright

Dean Wright lives and breathes the ocean. His home is one of the original small cottages…

Profile: The Booth Family

DHW4867 Edit
The Booth family have resided in the Bay of Islands for a long time...and there are quite…

Fish Forever Campaign Update May/June 2015

Since the publication of the submission report late last year (along with some…

Submission Report Released

22nd October 2014 | After a great deal of number crunching, Fish Forever is pleased to release its report on the submissions to the Community Consultation Document proposing two marine reserves and a scientific reserve in the Bay of Islands. We urge you to read the report which describes how the community responded to the discussion.


Reserve Proposal Released

1st May 2014 | Fish Forever has released its consultation document proposing the protection of 10% of the enclosed waters of the Bay of Islands with no-take marine reserves, subject to generational review (25 years). Read how the proposed areas and boundaries took shape here


Myra Larcombe, nee Lane, ran the launch service prior to the Fuller's operation; she has lived in the Bay for most of her life and we should heed her wise words. The letter below ran in the Bay Chronicle on 11/11/2010. We hope to obtain an oral history of her experience of abundance of birds and fish in the bay in time's past.


We the people of this nation have let this happen through our ignorance and apathy. Education programmes (eg EMR), seminars, films and important memories such as this letter help us understand our oceans and what should be there. Campaigns such as Fish Forever enable us to focus our efforts and initiate change.




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Fish Forever Fundraiser

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Renowned NZ sculptor, Chris Booth, has donated the five piece maquette set 'Islands' for sale - all proceeds to Fish Forever - full details here

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